Its findings from scientific research the institute publishes in relevant plastics journals, as well as at conferences and seminars. To view a list of the published treatises and conference papers please refer to the site “Aufsätze/Papers” (only available in German).


The investigations that scientists have conducted at the institute have generated a high number of books to assist the plastics engineer. To view a survey of the published books with a short description and excerpts, please refer to the site “Bücher” (only available in German).

On-line Treatises

You may download individual on-line treatises on various subjects of research.


At irregular intervals, the Institute of Polymer Technology publishes its technical-scientific reports. They are based on dissertations, seminars and literature research, thus representing the latest findings and state-of-the-art technology in their respective areas.

Journal of Plastics Technology

The „Journal of Plastics Technology“ (Zeitschrift Kunststofftechnik) is designed to serve as a portal for ideas and articles related to plastics technology. Moreover, the reader may benefit from:

  • Articles published in German and English
  • Topicality thanks to fast publication
  • Neutral and detailed presentation
  • Findings obtained right from applied plastics science
  • Forums for job advertisements, conference reports and book reviews
  • Articles on innovations in materials, design and production