Device Data

Options of Testing

High-pressure capillary rheometer

Range of temperatures: 60 to 400°C
pressure transducer: 35 to 2000 bar
nozzle diameter: 0.5 to 3 mm

Determination of viscosity subject to shear rate

pvT measuring device

Range of temperatures: 40 to 400°C
range of pressures: 150 to 2500 bar

Course of specific volume subject to pressure and temperature, determination of model coefficients

Rotational viscosimeter

Range of temperatures: 0 to 250°C, 20 to 450°C
frequency: 0.01 to 50 Hz
torque: min. 0.1 µNm, max. 200 mNm
measuring systems: cone/plate, plate/plate

Rheological data of oscillation and rotation presented over temperature and time

MFR/MVR device

Range of temperatures: 150°C to 370°C,
load weight: 1.2 to 21.6 kg

Determination of melt and mass flow rates and mass volume flow rate

Determination of density in the melt

Ubbelohde viscosimeter

Range of temperatures: RT to 140°C
various capillaries

Determination of viscosity number and K-value