Device Data

Options of Testing

Density measurement

Measurement using the buoyancy method by an analytical balance

Gradient tube and pycnometer,
Helium gas pycnometer

Determining the densities of semi-finished and finished products, pellets, powders and films

Determination of water content

Karl-Fischer titration
range of temperatures: RT up to 300°C

Water content (selective)

Filler content

Incineration in a microwave furnace, extraction

Determination and separation of filler and polymer matrix

Stress crack testing

Bent strip test, pin indentation test under the impact of various media

Evaluation of stress crack behavior

Surface tension

Capillary rise measurement, device for rim angle measurement, ADSA with furnace

Surface tension in solid and liquid substances

LCR meter

Frequency: 20 Hz to 1 MHz
Range of temperatures: -20 to 60°C

Constant of dielectricity,
dielectric loss factor

High-ohm meter

Voltage DC: 0,1 to 1000 V

Determination of the specific contact resistance and of surface resistance