The chemical and physical properties of plastics can be analyzed comprehensively with the available equipment.

Thermal Analysis

  • DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)
  • TMDSC (Temperature-modulated DSC)
  • DPC (Photo-DSC)
  • TMA (Thermomechanical Analysis)
  • TG (Thermogravimetric)
  • DMA (Dynamic-Mechanical Analysis)
  • µTA (AFM with Temperature-sensor)
  • Thermal conductivity/ Thermal diffusivity


  • HKR (High-pressure-capillar-Rheometer)
  • pvT-Messgerät (Pressure-Volume-Temperature-Test)
  • Rotationsviskosimeter (Plate/Plate, Cone/Plate)
  • MFR/MVR-Device
  • Ubbelohde-Viskosimeter


  • FTIR-Spektroskop (Mikroscope, ATR)
  • UV-Vis-Spektrometer

Physical/ Chemical Analysis

  • Density assay (Buoyancy method, Gaspycnometer)
  • Moisture content assay (Karl- Fischer Titration)
  • Filler contend (Mikrowellenverascher, Extraktion)
  • Stress crack examination
  • Determination of surface tension (Solids and fluids)
  • LCR- Meter
  • High-ohm- Meter
  • Determination of surface tension (Contact angle measurement, upstream height)