LKT’s Range of Services

In your everyday work, you frequently face problems that need to be solved. Many of them you can easily deal with by using your own company’s resources. After all, you have many years of experience in design and production. Nevertheless, for certain tasks, a solution is difficult to find. Reasons for this may be manifold. A customer inquiry may force you to think about a different material or manufacturing process. On your own behalf, you may be looking for new ways of increasing efficiencies and qualities, in order to reduce production costs. Or maybe you simply have no more test capacities or facilities left. 

In all of the mentioned areas listed below, we are engaged in in-depth research, enabling us to keep our teaching up to date. We also teach state-of-the art technology in frequently held seminars.

  • Techniques of thermal analysis in polymer technology

  • Preparation and microscopic analysis of plastics

  • Failure analysis of plastics

  • Thermal restrictions to processing and using plastics (symposium)

  • Sandwich injection molding –latest innovations, applications, outlook (symposium)

  • Molded Interconnect Devices (3D-MID) – three-dimensional, injection molded circuit boards (funded by: VDI-Bildungswerk (VDI department for vocational training)

What is more, our emeritus Prof. Ehrenstein, is a sworn surveyor of IHK (chamber of commerce) Nuremberg and an expert of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, Berlin, which is concerned with fulfilling technical tasks in the public area. This is how we can grant you counseling and examination in one go.

Therefore: Don’t hesitate to phone us! We will be glad to help you with your specific problem.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.