Injection Molding / Extrusion


Machine Machine Data 

Complementary Equipment

Allrounder 370 V
Clamping force: 800 kN
injection volume: 139 cm³
distance between tie bars: 370 mm
Test specimen molds: CAMPUS mold:
dumbbell/rectangular test specimen (ISO 3167/ISO 179),
plate (60 x 60 x 2 mm³)
multi-plate mold:
plates(145 x 70 x 4 mm 3 , 110 x 110 x 4/6/8/10 mm³),
little box 120 x 60 x 40 mm³
test specimen for hybrid structures
Allrounder 370 U
Clamping force: 700 kN
injection volume: 10/15,3 cm³
distance between tie bars: 370 mm

4 core puller,
position controled screw,
electrical bearing-rotating mold,
selection unit,
belt conveyor

ES 330H/200V/80HL-2F
Clamping force: 900 kN
injection volume: 69/113 cm³
tiebarless version
Optional: composite/multicomponent injection molding
2K-multi-plate mold, 3-D MID-mold
2K-compound bearing-rotating mold, 2K-sliding bearing
Ferromatik Milacron K110S2-F
Clamping force: 1100 kN
injection volumes: 135/99 cm³
distance between tie bars: 470 mm
Optional: sandwich/composite injection molding 2K-multi-plate mold (130 x 130 x 2/4 mm),  3-D MID-mold, 2K-screw-in mandrel
Ergotech 25-80
Clamping force: 250 kN
injection Volumes: 23 cm³
distance between tie bars: 280 mm
Flow coil (4x0.5/1/2/4 mm 2 )
Babyblast 6/10 Clamping force: 62,5 kN
conductive plastification
piston diameter: 14 mm
injection volume: 9 cm³
To provide for gentle processing, the machine is sealed from oxygen impact
6-axis ariculated robot
Kuka Roboter KR 15-2
Repeat accuracy: E0,1 mm
working range: 13.1 m³
Plasma nozzle for in-line plasma pre-treatment
gripper to take up clamping frame for in-mold forming
Leistritz LSM 30 Screw diameter: 30 mm
screw length: 25 D
max. processing temp.: 400°C
belt haul-off 1000 N, conventional equipment for 8 mm pipes, with vacuum tank calibration, dies for self-reinforced solid-bars and flat profiles, pelletizing die, 2 oil tempering devices


Extruder Collin E30M

Extruder Collin E30M:
screw diameter: 30 mm
screw length: 25 D

slit die:
die width: 250 mm
die slit (adjustable): 0.3 – 1.3 mm

Collin Chill-Roll CR 136/350:
max. haul-off speed: 16 m/min
Coex adapter for AB-/ABA multi-layer films
Screw diameter: 20 mm
screw length: 25 D
max. processing temp.: 400°C
High-precision/micro extruder; melt pump; crosshead die with inserts for tubes up to d=2mm, 8 inflation air module, Vacuum calibration, belt haul-off