Mixing, Kneading, Compounding


Machine Machine Data

Complementary Equipment

ZSE HP27 Screw diameter: 27 mm
Screw lenght: 40 D = 9 screens
max. processing temperature: 400°C
Co-rotating twin-screw extruder: melt filter, pelletizing die, starter bar pelletizer, facility for compounding thermoplastics with filler and reinforcing materials, recycling, metering balances
Brabender Kneter Plasticoder admissible torque: 400 Nm
range of temperatures: up to 300°C
Free choice of volumes in the kneading compartment with various inserted blades:
roll-blades: approx. 370 cm³
Banbury blades: approx. 390 cm³
cam blades: approx. 440 cm³
sigma blade: approx. 530 cm³
computer-controlled data collection (torsion speed, torque, melt temperature, time)
Laboratory mixer and -dryer
Typ MP-20,
Main motor: 4 kW (range of screw speed: 150-1500 UpM)
Counter-rotation motor: 90 W (range of speed: 10-40 UpM)
range of temperatures: up to 150°C
mixing vessel with glass lid: 20 l
control: permanent or timer
Oxygen sensor,
Vacuum-/ nitrogenatmosphere
Laboratory mixer and -pelletizer, Typ MP-M, Somakon Main motor: 1.5 kW (range of screw speed: 50-2000 UpM)
counter-rotating motor: 50 W (range of screw speed: 5-45 UpM)
range of temperatures: up to 90°C
mixing vessel with glass lid: 5 l
control: on-line or off-line (Timer)

Direct measurement of torque
measurement of material temperature
computer-controlled data acquisition

(screw speed, torque, performance, material temperature, time)