Dr.-Ing. Martin Löhner


    Am Weichselgarten 9
    91058 Erlangen-Tennenlohe
  • E-Mail:
  • Telefon: 09131/85 29702
  • Fax: 09131/85 29709
  • Raum: 2.07

Information zur Person

Field of activity/Tasks:

  • Rotational Moulding
  • Exam organization
  • Student Seminars




  • Löhner, Martin; Drummer, Dietmar;
    Characterization of layer built-up and inter-layer boundaries in rotational molding of multi-material parts in dependency of the filling strategy
    In: Journal of Polymer Engineering (2016), S. 1-10
    [DOI: 10.1515/polyeng-2016-0175]

  • Löhner, Martin; Drummer, Dietmar;
    Experimental Studies on the Bonding Strength and Fracture Behavior of Incompatible Materials Bonded by Mechanical Adhesion in Multilayer Rotational Molding
    In: Journal of Polymers 2016 (2016), S. 11

  • Löhner, Martin; Drummer, Dietmar;
    Multi-Layer Rotational Molding of PE-PA Utilizing a Multiphase Interlayer to Generate Mechanical Adhesion
    In: SPE Proceedings ANTEC; (Hrsg:) SPE Proceedings ANTEC
    (SPE Antec, Indianapolis)
    Indianapolis : SPE Antec, 2016, S. 1690-1697.


  • Löhner, Martin; Messingschlager, Susanne; Drummer, Dietmar;
    Computertomographie in der Kunststofftechnik
    In: Technomer 2015; (Hrsg:) Fachbeiträge Technomer 2015
    (TECHNOMER 2015, Chemnitz, 12.11.2015)
    2015, S. 1-14.

  • Löhner, Martin; Drummer, Dietmar;
    Influence of Processing Parameters in Reaction Injection Foam Molding on for Multi-Layer Parts on Foam Structure and Mechanical Properties
    In: Applied Mechanics and Materials 805 (2015), S. 131-138
  • Löhner, Martin; Drummer, Dietmar;
    The effect of pressure variations on the formation of gas inclusions in the rotational molding process
    In: Journal of Polymer Engineering 5 (2015), S. 418-492