Christopher Fischer M. Sc.


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Field of activity/Tasks:

  • Thin-wall and Micro Technology
  • Webmaster



  • Fischer, Christopher; Seefried, Andreas; Drummer, Dietmar;
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  • Fischer, Christopher; Seefried, Andreas; Merle, Benoit; Göken, Mathias; Drummer, Dietmar;
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  • Fischer, Christopher; Drummer, Dietmar;
    Micro Components with Locally Different Properties Realized by Segmented Tempered Injection Molding
    In: SPE Antec; (Hrsg:) SPE Proceedings Antec
    (SPE Antec, Anaheim, 08.-10.5.2017)
    Anaheim : Society of Plastics Engineers, 2017, S. 1-5.


  • Fischer, Christopher; Drummer, Dietmar;
    Crystallization and Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene under Processing-Relevant Cooling Conditions with respect to Isothermal Holding Time
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  • Jungmeier, Ariane; Fischer, Christopher;
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    In: Kunststofftechnik 12 (2016), S. 356-381



  • Fischer, Christopher; Leisen, Christoph; Merken, Daniel; Jungmeier, Ariane; Drummer, Dietmar;
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  • Fischer, Christopher; Drummer, Dietmar;
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