In December 1989, the Institute of Polymer Technology (LKT) was established as part of the mechanical engineering department. Since May 1st 2009, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Drummer has been head of the institute.

The Team

At present, a rough 25 employees work in the scientific sector, and 25 employees are concerned with technical- administrative tasks. This qualified staff is always prepared to quickly carry out research projects as well as industrial contracts.

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Research & Development

The institute’s main areas of research comprise Additive Manufacturing, Lightweight Design and FRP, Materials and Processing as well as Joining Technology and Tribology. Besides this main topics the insitute researches in overlapping topics like material selection, radiation crosslinking of thermoplasts, compounding filler materials, conservative processing, failure analysis and simulation of processing and mechanics.

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Laboratories & Technical Center

The institute has about 1200 square meters of office area, plus another 1600 square meters for state-of-the-art plants and test laboratories with the latest equipment.
The research departments benefit from various laboratories with qualified staff to conduct research and deliver expert opinions.

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Tuition & Education

For mechanical engineers who have profound knowledge of plastics technology, career prospects are still outstanding. Aimed at master students mainly, the Institute of Polymer Technology offers the corresponding lectures, practical exercises, seminars as well as excursions, in line with the specific demands posed by this job. In writing their seminar papers or diploma theses, and also as a student worker, students learn about scientific investigations on tasks that are closely related to practical applications. Students who are interested and ambitious may write their diploma theses at a partner university abroad, or participate in international plastics engineering conferences, e.g. ANTEC (in the USA).

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